Sunday, June 13, 2010

Water Features

Our reading group has been finding lots of information about Water Features found on Earth. This is our first photostory and we practised reading aloud to make sure you could hear our voices.

Can you leave a comment and share whether you thought we recorded our facts clearly.....



  1. I was so impressed Room 11. Well done, I liked the clear voices and the expression you used. What a great beginning! I found your information very interesting and what a wonderful choice of images to match. Watch out for more comments as I will be encouraging my class to visit your blog.

  2. Hey,I really learnt lots from that and now I think I know more about these bodies of water in New Zealand!!! KF

  3. Hi Room 11 I liked your speech slide show. Guess what? I didn't know that a lagoon was sheltered on a coast. Now I know what a lagoon is! Thank you Room 11 you know so much about water! I found out a lot of facts with your slide show.

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