Friday, June 18, 2010

Natural Events - Our Voicethread

We have created a voicethread of natural events information. One of these natural events relates directly to the importance of water conservation. Which one do you think it is?

By TC, CM, DV and DM


  1. Wowee you are SO clever. I really liked your Picassa collage at the beginning of your voicethread with all the different images. Your information was very interesting and I learned a lot about natural events. I was a bit scared to find out that Hawaii gets tsunamis every year because I went there on holiday a few years ago! I finally found the natural event related to water conservation at the end. Is it the drought? I do have a question for you, why is your voicethread entitled Natural Events and not Natural Disasters? I am curious.

  2. Gosh Room 11 you have worked incredibly hard during Term 2 and have used some amazing ICT tools to create fascinating and interesting items for your blog. Thank you for sharing some of these with Room 4 during Buddy Reading. Maybe if we get stuck making things for our blog you will be able to come and help us!