Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Saving Water Animations

This term we have been learning about conserving water. Our group decided the action we would take would be to make different animations about how to save water. We hope that we get the message across clearly to people who read our blog. By A.T, K.C, R.D, K.K, J.Y, T.T, D.D, C.Mc


  1. These are great ways to conserve water and putting them on your blog is a great way to spread the message! Did you have making the animations for your messages? You did a fantastic job!

  2. Yes our group wanted to use animations to tell people to stop wasting water. Some of the people in our group were the digikids that you showed how to do the name animations.


  3. This is the best post room 11 sps has said and 'taking action' we have ever done,[and only}. I would have liked to go in the video group but chose animations instead. [Even though I was in the animations group I thought I'd leave a comment.]

  4. Hi Room 11,
    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. I liked the outside animations and the colours that you used. I will try and use some of your ideas to save water.

    From Quasia

  5. CA i LIKE the pictures because they are colourful and cool. some of your voices are a little bit low could you make your voice a little bit louder? my favourite one was the bottom one