Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mrs P's Contaminated Stream

I have a little stream that runs behind my house. Sometimes when it rains very heavily the water flows down it very fast and it can be very noisy. We haven't had alot of ran lately and it has been very quiet until .....

This Saturday when I was hanging out my washing our little stream was making lots of noise, so I went down to see why??? Lots of very dirty water was running into our stream and it was very murky and it had lots of bubbles in it. In fact when I walked a little further down the stream something very sad happened, I found 3 dead eels. Our lovely stream was polluted.

I quickly got on the phone and within 2 hours a very important van arrived and two men in bright orange jackets came to see what was happening. They found a stormwater drain was blocked - it was very smelly and slimey. They were going to flush out the stream further up the road with clean water but .... they haven't - what should I do?


  1. I think you should tell the newzealand council
    about mrs pittaways blocked drain. and sue the drain people if they dont clean the water.

  2. I think Mrs p should put some crystal clean water and then it will unblock the drain and then some stream animals will start to live in it.

  3. I think Mrs Pittaway should call them again because they haven't cleaned her stream when they said they would. Also its not fair that they said they would do it and make her stream crystal clear, maybe life will come back to animals.

    AT and DV

  4. It's not a very nice thing to happen to Mrs P's stream. I hope it wasn't too smelly. I liked reading some of your opinions Room 11. Its really great to have an example like this happen just as we study water. I hope they come and flush the water through soon.

  5. I would call them again and tell them when you rang last time and what they said they would do for you! Pollution is not something they can just ignore, especially when you have a video to prove it!