Friday, April 30, 2010

Bookweek 2010

During bookweek we had a special visitor come to our school. He was Terry Sleator and he is a "Storyteller" and a bushman. He writes amazing stories about different fish and lots of others. He gave us some storytelling stones and told his to read 4 lines each time and that way we would remember them.

When he sees a dead possum of the road he stops and picks it up and throws it over the fence - if a logging truck has run over it he leaves it there. He throws the dead possum over the fence so that the hawks don't get run over when they are eating the dead possum.

KK, AM and BD


  1. Thank you for posting this slideshow Room 11. I was busy on this day and missed seeing it. I followed the pictures and got a good idea of what it was all about. Did you enjoy the show?

  2. Hi Room 11,
    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog post. Your blog looks cool and has lots of nice pictures. We had a story teller come and visit us too his name was Steve Duvall (I think). He was an artist too.

    From Asena

  3. Hi Room 11....I did like watching all your photos on the big flat screen!! Awesome.

    I was very interested to read what Terry Sleator does with dead possums. Have you still got your story telling stones?