Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Life in Sudan

Hi Everyone

Before I came to Shelly Park School I lived in a country called Sudan. I have made a photostory with lots of different photos that my family took when we lived there. We lived there because my dad needed to work their because he is a doctor and also to see some of our friends. I still write to my friend who lives there and yesterday she sent me an email.

I hope you enjoy my photostory. Thanks AT


  1. That was a really interesting photostory AT. Thank you for sharing all those photos and sharing all the facts with me!

  2. Sudan does look dirty to me. The sand storms look a little scary. I thought your voice was very clear and smooth. That food looks DEVINE that I would even eat it now. I thought you must of worked on it for a long time because it looks awesome. I thought it just looked great.

    From R.D

  3. Fabulous comment R.D I am very proud that you visit ed our class blog this weekend and your comment was interesting.

    R.D. you got a little muddled up and created a post instead of commenting on A.T's photostory. You need to go to the post and click on the link that says "Comment" next time.

    Mrs P