Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Water Inquiry

Today Mrs P showed us our inquiry model again and this time we were able to explain to each other what stage of our model we were up to. In Room 11 we have doing lots of "Setting the Scene" activities, we had a water day, watermelon afternoon tea party, created some water art on our netball court and we have a little surprise happening this week on Thursday. I wonder if you can guess what it might be?

She introduced our big question - How can we be responsible for conserving our fresh water? Then we went away in groups and brainstormed "Water Conservation" - it was very tricky because alot of us didn't know what conservation meant...

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  1. It sounds like you're all having lots of fun with your water conservation theme. Conservation is a big word and so I'm not surprised you don't know what it means yet. You are going to have lots of fun finding out and learning new things. I will come back and see what you think conservation means again in a little while and I'm sure you will have different ideas!